Here are the PowerPoints from our training session at Brookfield 29th Jan 2010
- they should make sense even if you did not attend the sessions as notes are underneath each slide - leave me a message in the discussion tab above if you'd like help with any of them.

This powerpoint shows how to maximise the use of clipart and how to insert animations with resources you can adapt

While this ppt shows you how to create a motion path and some examples of when it is really effective for demonstrating language to kids:

This ppt explains what 'triggers' are and how to use them to make quizzes & puzzles to practise languages, with slides you can take and adapt for your own use:

And this ppt contains a 'dragndrop' macro - which essentially means you can make ANY powerpoint behave just like an interactive whiteboard, even if you only have a projector! Particularly useful if you teach in several schools all using different whiteboards!

Timers are great for increasing pace / adding urgency to any activity - this one lasts for up to 5 minutes before it explodes:

And here is a magic slide you can put into a powerpoint that (as long as you are connected to the internet) will let you collate your twitter messages live during a presentation (very handy to demonstrate what a great cpd tool twitter can be):