MYLO is the DCSF-sponsored 'My Languages Online' project. MYLO_ambassador2.jpg

This is a FREE web resource for teachers and KS3/4 language learners which will go live at the end of March 2010

You can preview a tiny sample at and when it is all up and running it looks like being a really useful online resource, particularly for those teachers who are looking for some engaging content for their vle's but don't have the time to create it themselves - Moodle, Frog, Uniservity or whatever vitual learning environment your school uses, this will work just as a link. Then the students sign themselves in, pick a language and start winning points as they learn.

The resource is in trial at the moment, which means the creators, lightbox, are listening to suggestions and comments from teachers about what to add, what to remove and what to improve, so if you do try it out in your school, please get in touch and say what you think.