The KS3 Framework for Languages was renewed and launched online only in September 2009.

(To download presentation on KS3 Framework as used at Ringwood Cluster & Hampshire NQTs March 12th - click here

Actually it is a big change, much more than a 'renewal' and finally gives teachers the freedom to officially break away from a dull diet of textbooks that haven't changed since the 80's (of course we all know good teachers have done this all the time anyway but it's nice to finally be trusted officially as professionals)

There are some key messages:
  • Creativity and engaging content that reflects learners & teachers interests
  • Progression is measured through linguistic skill
  • Structures are important, not vocabulary which can only ever be NC level 1
  • Year 7 objectives begin pitched at around NC level 3/4 to take into account the KS2 Framework
  • For Year 7 who have NOT studied the same language at KS2, teachers will need to refer to the KS2 Framework but should find they will increasingly be able to accelerate new Year 7 through these first objectives.
  • The objectives are slimmed down drastically, far simpler and easier to differentiate.
  • Learners progress across 5 strands - reading & writing (which is called Literacy in the KS2 Framework); speaking & listening (oracy); intercultural understanding (which does not have to be assessed formally & lends itself to cross-curricular work); and the cross-cutting strands 'knowledge about language' and 'language learning strategies'

You can find the KS3 Framework at and while it was designed as an online tool it is possible to download the document in three parts as pdf files

There are also some nice online cpd modules which you can go through at your own pace if you log-in (you need to enter your email and make up a password).

Of course, while this gives teachers lots of freedom and control, it can also be a little daunting - so if you are looking for some ready-made materials that (unlike certain published/commercial materials) really DO follow the spirit of the renewed framework try these useful links: Useful Links