This page is to collate ideas and resources for those who need a little help getting their heads around the new GCSE speaking exams.

CILT & QCA have produced a really good DVD which demos several controlled tests and interviews teachers who have gone through the pilots. Here’s the link to order the QCA DVD “MFL- Controlled assessments of speaking, guidance for teachers”
Order No. QCA/09/4138
You can order up to 10 copies!

VOKI - get students to make a voki (free and very simple) to practise for their speaking. Follow the instructions onscreen to make an animated character and upload either a soundfile (mp3) of their recorderd voice, or they can use their phones to speak, or the best option is to copy and paste written answers into the text box and click play. If they leave the box in 'English' they will hear their text read with an English accent - great for making that point to them about accents! Click on 'French/German/Spanish' beneath the text box (or whatever - there is a huge list of languages) to hear their text 'read aloud' by their animated character in the correct accent. They can save it too by clicking publish and following the instructions on screen (again they do not have to make an account to do this) and then email their results to you, their phones or embed into websites/vles...Here is an example:

Under the terms & conditions of the site, students should be 13 or over to create vokis and you may need to get your ICT dept to check the site is unblocked. I've used it in most schools without a problem.

Another site to motivate speaking & writing is