The following FREE online tools are useful for linking to on a virtual learning platform and/or setting homework tasks, particular in KS4: -more sophisticated than voki as this time you get to make a whole little animation.

Russell Stannard produces amazing video tutorials and blogs about how to use the tools with classes, here are some of his recommendations: According to Russell "This tool can be used to teach any language. It allows you to upload pictures, record yourself talking about them and then allows you to email your recordings. It has loads of applications in language teaching and I suggest several ideas for how the tool can be used. It is really EASY to use and in five minutes you will have your students doing it. It is great for homework too"

What about this one for verbs that take etre in the perfect tense

LLAS Language Lab - to motivate/support reasons to learn a language - 'The Language Lab is a colourful and fun collection of interactive resources. These are intended to help learners discover interesting facts about language, practise their language skills and find out why young learners have chosen to study a language.'